People of Patmos

I believe in the power of personal stories. There is a huge inspiration in each one of you. It’s your authentic story that has the power to inspire and help others. Just by sharing your story. The People of Patmos project has started with the first three interviews in Copenhagen. It might take some time to finish a book full of stories, since we are with a huge 'crowd' from all over the world. By giving a donation for the first three chapters, you can make a difference to complete this big project over the years. I would love to interview every single one of you, but this will need financial support. If you liked the first e-book and if you want to read more People of Patmos stories, please support the project with your donation. There is so much power in these personal stories. Still, it takes a lot of courage to step up and say, this is me and this is my story. It feels vulnerable, I know. In addition, I experienced the impact and power of sharing my story myself. From all our readers, I ask to please be respectful towards these four ladies for being the first to share their stories. Send them your love. Be proud. I am.

Patmos Vlog

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